Monday, January 9, 2012

Summer Morning

It is nice to sit outside early in the morning before it gets too hot .

The view is definitely looking more like Summer now as the grass goes to seed and dries off

Huge flocks of starlings are appearing but sitting here as the sun rises there is a chorus of birdsong from the many different birds in the garden this year
There is a promise of flowers everywhere I look
And passionfruit
There are apples on the tree
and flowers on the Persian silk tree
It is well worth getting up early to sit in my garden in the cool of the morning.


Hazel said...

Beautiful photos of a beautiful place.

Pam said...

Lovely pics Jackie, and you do make it sound very peaceful and ideal. I love to get up early and enjoy the quiet but I don't always make it! :)

The apples look very inviting too. What sort are they and are they tasty? x

Vic said...

From the look of that field "too hot" is pretty bloody hot!

Pauline said...

love the piccies....wish it were warm here at the moment..bit yukky and windy...

Jenny's Craft Place said...

What lovely pictures, Jackie. I only wish this post came with a box of tissues! As much as I enjoy living up here, your pictures show what I miss from 'down South'. Happy crafting, Jenny :)