Tuesday, January 10, 2012

JaM - Step away from Your Sewing Machine

I'm joining Jody Pearl again this week for JaM and this week it is all about what we are sewing and what with.
So I have literally stepped away from the sewing machine to take this photo.

So what am I creating up the back yard in my shed? Quilts!!!The blocks on the one at the back are Fractured squares which really tested how accurately I can piece and is made up from the numerous bits of fabric I have stowed away in the cupboard. I finished Machine Quilting it today The one behind the sewing machine is different size rectangles and is made up of Vintage fabrics. it is ready to be quilted.
The Machine I am using is a Janome DC3050 which is a nice little machine but nowhere as good as my old Janome. I am seriously considering paying the big bucks out to get the old one repaired as it was a beautiful machine to sew with. I also have one of the early computerised Singers and it is a nice machine too though not used very often. It is the emergency machine.  I have 3 treadle machines and  a hand turned machine as well which all sew beautifully but are a little bit more work to keep them going round and round so I don't use them much. I am extremely lucky to have a huge sewing room up the backyard so I only have to clean up when I run out of table (two large trestles!) and floor space.
So why don't you join Jody Pearl and I and show us what your creating and what with?


Jody Pearl said...

I'm so envious of your treadle machines - I'd love just one but no room at the Inn!

If I was to add another machine to the 'stable' it would have to be an older model - they have a more solid, reliable feel to them.

Thanks for joining in Jackie. x

Andrea said...

Hi Jackie, i have a new machine too(which i love) but i do miss my old Janome which i traded in, just not enough room in my shed!

Melissa said...

We are a funny lot with our "older" trusty sewing machines!
Your quilts look great

Jenny's Craft Place said...

You can never have too many sewing machines... I even have a little wooden one which I use as a paper weight :) Love the contrast of the two main quilts you have in the background :) Happy crafting, Jenny

H said...

I love the sound of your sewing shed. Lots of space! I have 3 treadles squeezed into the end of my sewing room, though I am grateful to have a room at all. Your quilts look lovely.

Dani Castley said...

What a lovely big place you have Jackie. I don't really feel the quilt love, but appreciate the skills of those that do. Happy sewing!

SympleTymes Cloth Art By Sherrie Nordgren said...

Hi Jackie , What a beautiful sewing room , You are so lucky not to have one but 3 treadle machines !!! I just start my first attempt again at making a quilt..I am making the 9 patch, nothing fancy I needed a quilt that is for beginner only style... I to appreciate the talent of the quilt makers, !! Thank you also for the post about Jody Pearl and this week for JaM

I'd love to join also!
Hugzs Sherrie